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CNC upgrades and add-ons

CNC upgrades and add-ons

A CNC router can be a big investment, so one of the prime concerns for buyers must be to avoid premature obsolescence.

Woodpeckers SteadyCurve

New band saw template guide from WoodPeckers

Woodpeckers presents the new SteadyCurve Band Saw Template Guide, a tool that follows a template for cutting just outside the lines on contoured projects.

Rollomatic David Ducsai

The Rollomatic Group appoints Customer Experience Manager

The Rollomatic Group announces the appointment of David Ducsai as Group Customer Experience Manager for North America.

Lamello copy

New cordless Zeta P2 from Lamello

Lamello introduces a cordless version of the Zeta P2, a profile biscuit joiner for the company’s P-System. It can be used to join components in solid wood, plywood, MDF, particleboard, plastics, solid surface, and more.

Atlas logo

Atlas acquires New York-based Northeast Compressor

Atlas Copco Compressors has acquired the operating assets of Northeast Compressor in Syracuse N.Y. Northeast Compressor sells air compressors, related equipment, and services to industrial customers in upstate New York.


Dates announced for Idaho Artistry in Wood show

The Idaho Artistry in Wood’s 2023 Wood and Gourd Art Show is scheduled for April 1-2 in Boise, Idaho.

AJBLOG-1071 image

Take a sick day, or two

Getting sick often means you don’t feel like doing any work. But for woodworkers, it frequently means that you shouldn’t even try.

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An unexpected result

Despite your best efforts, sometimes things go sideways no matter how carefully you plan.

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But, why?

Woodworkers are nothing if not do-it-yourselfers. But there are a few things that baffle me that anyone would want to do themselves.

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Remembering to open a blast gate is a pretty basic first step in effective dust collection.

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Block assistant

After more than four decades of woodworking, there are still some basic things I can’t do. For those, I get help.