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Outfitting the cabinet

Outfitting the cabinet

Whether it’s drawer slides, pulls, corbels, aluminum doors, moldings or lighting, there’s a world of possibility out there for casework designers.

Protection and durability

When touting the qualities of various finishes, the terms “protection” and “durability” are often used. The problem is that they are often used interchangeably when they actually have very different meanings.

Listen up: Machines talk

I don’t know what you guys are trying to run on your molders but based on the condition of some of the spindles in for repair, I think it might just be concrete. Broken shafts, seized bearings, “welded” tooling all can be prevented, and it starts with listening for signs.


Follow the money for a clearer picture

Chances are, like most woodshop owners, you know that some jobs make a big profit and others don’t, and you hope by the end of the year that you’re ahead of the game. But do you know which is which, and why?