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CNC upgrades and add-ons

CNC upgrades and add-ons

A CNC router can be a big investment, so one of the prime concerns for buyers must be to avoid premature obsolescence.

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Hangin' with my shop cat

You’re never really working alone if you have your best friend with you in the shop.

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Biblical guidance

If you want to get a project you’re building just right, you make a prototype in scrap or other material first. The purpose being that you can test measurements and joinery, ease of use, placement, etc. That way, when the real project’s done, it’ll function exactly as intended.

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An appetite for apps

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a specific woodworking app, chances are good someone else has wished for it, too – and created it.

WalzCraft owner, Richard Walz, dies

WalzCraft, a manufacturer of wood components and accessories in La Crosse, Wis., announces the passing of owner Richard (Dick) Walz, 68, on Nov. 6.

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Reading the small print

Just got a new Triton router, and it is sweet. But before plopping it into my router table, as a safe and conscientious woodworker, I first sat down with the manual to familiarize myself with the machine. It didn’t go well.


Still having fun

We’ve been sharing this time “over the workbench” for quite a while know, and I’m still enjoying every minute of it.