Woodshop News provides news, business trends, advice and new products for professional woodworkers, focusing on the information that is most relevant to those woodworkers in small to mid-sized woodshops. Our readers build cabinetry, furniture, architectural millwork and remodeling projects; almost always with a custom flair. Woodshop News’ content is provided through e-newsletters, a monthly magazine and our Web site. It is the only professional woodworking magazine 100% written for the small to mid-sized professional woodshops.

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Monthly Magazine and four special Supplements reaching over 70,000 readers monthly.

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Reaches tens of thousands of readers looking to find news, blogs, and new product information focused on the small and mid-sized professional woodworkers.

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E-mail marketing

Reaching opt in readers weekly with updates on industry news, new products and events that will affect their lives. Custom eMails are also available.

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Black Book Supplements

These separately bound releases are poly bagged with that month’s printed issue. They also have expanded digital distribution above and beyond the main issue.

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Marketing Options for 2020

  • Custom Face Book Audience Program (NEW)
  • Digital services (NEW)
  • Video Product Demo – distribution via eMail, web site & digital magazine (NEW)
  • The Resource Guide – year long online (mixed media*)
  • Standard print ads - Advertorial sections ( 100,000 readers - mixed media*)
  • Web site marketing
  • eNewsletters advertising
  • IWF focused eNewsletter (WoodTech eNews)
  • Custom e-mail marketing
  • Sole Sponsorship marketing
  • Inserts / Onserts/ Catalogs (mixed media*) Click here for sample

*starting in print, then e-mail and finally online.




These Print + Digital Special Sections offer an estimated exposure of over 100,000 readers, via integrated, year-long mixed media promotions, through our Print, E-Mail and Web site vehicles.

Coming in 2020

  •  March - Making the best cabinets & furniture (closes Jan 31st )
  • July- The Finishing touch (closes May 29th)
  • September - The Perfect Cut (closes July 31st)
  • November - Retooling for 2021 (closes Sept 28th)
  • CLICK HERE to download a PDF covering the different listing Advertorial options.

2020 RESOURCE GUIDE – a mixed-media program

The data base will close for update Nov 22nd – so be sure you have made your changes by then. (ships with the Jan issue, the Space Closing is Dec 3rd)

Releasing first as a print supplement with the JAN issue and then available online as a year-long active database of solutions. FREE posting of the products you manufacture/resell in up-to 400 categories and allows you and buyers to pinpoint the states in which you wish to do business.

The RESOURCE GUIDE is designed to help woodworkers identify which manufacturers are creating the tools and services they need and determining the best source solution for those products and services. The Online Guide will be constantly updated and expanded, as the Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers and Retailers see fit. All listings provide buyers the ability to forward the information they found and/or bookmark a company for future reference. Marketing upgrades are available to increase the amount of information on your company and to move your company far forward, both in print and online, while year-long upgraded listings, within search results, are moved ahead of their competitors in a scaled manner. Listings can be "enhanced” to include sales messages, deeper company profiles, images, white papers and videos on woodworking solutions. These enhancements are paid options. Enhancements will provide you the ability to reach, communicate to and potentially influence the purchasing process and generate measurable results.

CLICK HERE to connect to the RESOURCE GUIDE.

Use the “Sign In” dialog box on the upper right-hand side to sign into the system. Use the green “add a listing” dialog box to create a new listing.

The link to 2021 Resource Guide brochure is here (CLICK HERE)

CNC Supplement (ships with the JUNE issue, the Space Closing is May 1st)

Woodshop News will create this free-standing supplement, looking specifically at the many elements of CNC Technology. This collection of CNC content will become a long-term reference tool for many. The supplement will be poly-bagged with Woodshop News June issue and will receive bonus distribution at the AWFS event. Expanded digital distribution will include separate e-mailing of the supplement, additional promotion through the AWFS eXchange eNewsletter, and finally being posted on our web site & our Resource Guide buyers guide site. Digital editions will provide for embedded video to enable short product demos.

FINISHING Supplement (ships with the OCT issue so Closes August 31st)

This free-standing supplement to Woodshop News will gather the strongest edit from or pages, looking specifically at the many elements involved in FINISHING. This collection of articles will become a long-term reference tool for many in the industry. The supplement will be poly-bagged with the October issue of Woodshop News and will have an expanded distribution digitally reaching an audience of over 90,000 woodworkers. Digital editions will provide for embedded video to enable short product demos. CLICK HERE to see 2018 release


IWF SHOW E-Newsletter – “WoodTech eNews”

(maximum 14 marketers)

We will be working directly with the AWFS to generate a weekly eNewsletter in support of the show. The Show Management will be supplying us with their database of current and past attendees; creating the largest pool of those most likely to attend the event.

The content of the eNewsletter will include updates regarding the show, live educational sessions, news items affecting the industry and will contain Press Release announcements of the exhibitors at the 2020 IWF event. This will be the only consistent, frequent way to reach this large group of IWF attendees in advance of the show. 

CLICK HERE for the information on the program

Custom eMails can also be done to this data base.

“Booths Not To Be Missed” Pages - IWF 2020

(Closing May 29th)

These formatted pages bring together extended copy & your ad, to help the readers better understand the primary focus of what the you will be presenting at the IWF event. The consistency of the formatted pages will help readers to easily attain primary information like booth numbers and to cement that company’s involvement at the show.

These pages can be distributed in our JULY“pre-show issue” but also in our AUG “IWF Black Book Show Planner”. The AUG releases (main issue & show planner) will be poly bagged & shipped together with full delivery by AUG 8th; giving our readers time to plan their show visits. Additionally, both the AUG main issue and our AWFS Show Planner will have bonus distribution at the IWF show. Special rates exist for running in both AUG and our AWFS Show Planner. CLICK HERE for sample page 

IWF Black Book Show Planner

(Ships with the August issue, the Space Closing is June 29th)

This free-standing supplement is poly-bagged with our August issue of Woodshop News and will receive separate bonus distribution at the IWF. Approximately 33,000 copies will be printed and an additional 70,000+ will be distributed digitally. This includes digital distribution through the WoodTech eNews eMail. 

Our show planner will include:

  • UPDATED Show Floor maps & exhibitors list released prior to the show
  • EXTENSIVE overview of new products
  • EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION – in print & digitally
  • All-inclusive coverage
  • All printed in an easy to use size and format for show attendees
  • Advertisers within are guaranteed Press Release coverage

CLICK HERE to see the AWFS 2019 Show Planner 

Advertising & Office Information

Woodshop News
Rory Beglin
10 Bokum Road
Essex, CT 06426

Media Kit Downloads:

2021 Resource Guide (download PDF)
2021 Calendar & Marketing Programs (download PDF)
2021 AWFS eXchange (download PDF)
2021 E-mail Marketing Specifications (download PDF)
2021 Website Marketing Specifications (download PDF)
2021 Ad Specs (download PDF)

2020 Audience Profile (download PDF)
2020 Advertorial Section (download PDF)
2020 Classified Marketplace Advertising (download PDF)

Viewing these documents requires that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it here for free. 

For a sample copy, rate information and circulation requests, please contact our main office at: 203-952-6790 or email us at: