Zuani and Rekord form Targeted Working Tools


Italian tool manufactures Zuani and Rekord agreed to an equal merger to a create a new privately-owned company called Targeted Working Tools.

Targeted Working Tools is a tooling supplier for solid wood window and door producers. It operates at the Zuani facility in Rovereto, Italy.

In North America, Targeted Working Tools products are sold through Rangate.

“This is a strategic merger,” Targeted Working Tools president Filippo Pellitteri said in a statement. “Rekford/Garniga and Zuani would have both been able to continue to stand on our own, despite recent economic challenges. To give us the ability to further the value we deliver to our customers, we decided to combine our efforts together both with pour knowledge and physical assets. One factor which helped the decision was that our companies were actually complimentary in market geography.”

For more, visit http://rangate.com.

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