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Woodshop News introduces 'CNC for 2015' Black Book

Woodshop News’ latest supplement, “CNC for 2015: A broad look at digital fabrication,” initially shipped with the July issue and is now available in digital format, offering 10 technical articles about operating and incorporating CNC machinery.

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Woodshop News, the leading trade magazine for professional woodworkers, has been at the forefront of educating small- to medium-sized shops about the benefits and needs of adding digital fabrication processes.

The 44-page supplement was compiled from the magazine’s popular Pro Shop and Cutting Edge columns, written by industry veterans well-versed in the latest digital fabrication trends. It covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: CNC and your ROI

Chapter 2: Learn to stay in control when making digital cuts

Chapter 3: Drive motors are the muscle behind CNC

Chapter 4: Drive systems are vital to CNC router operations

Chapter 5: Linear guide rail systems: Weighing pros and cons

Chapter 6: CNC routers need to be on solid footing

Chapter 7: Getting past the spin when it comes to spindles

Chapter 8: The intricate science behind CNC tooling

Chapter 9: The CNC purchase is mere prologue

Chapter 10: A brave new world: New products in today’s marketplace

CLICK HERE for the free digital publication.

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