Woodcraft donates to AWFS Fresh Wood competition


Woodcraft donated $4,508 to Fresh Wood, a student woodworking competition held during the biennial AWFS fair in Las Vegas. The total represents a Woodcraft match of customer contributions during 2015, according to the company.

“Woodcraft very much appreciates our customers’ ongoing financial support for Fresh Wood,” Woodcraft president Jody Garrett said in a statement. “Woodcraft will continue to match contributions in 2016 as a part of the corporate commitment to promoting woodworking education and related opportunities for woodworkers of all ages and skills, as well as potential woodworkers.”

“In 2015, the Fresh Wood program introduced 40 more high school and post-secondary students to the woodworking industry through their experiences at the AWFS fair. The students were able to talk with professionals, receive valuable feedback on their projects, and learn ways to participate in the industry,” AWFS assistant education director Adria Torrez said. “The Woodcraft donation program allows this interaction to take place and we are truly grateful to Woodcraft and its customers for their support. We look forward to using the $4,508 collected in 2015 toward a successful 2017 competition.”

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