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Wood-Mizer debuts professional sawyer program

Wood-Mizer Products, a manufacturer of portable sawmills manufacturer, is taking applications for a new program, the Pro Sawyer Network, designed to boost the success of Wood-Mizer sawmill businesses and owners throughout the United States.

Members of the Pro Sawyer Network will have access to exclusive opportunities to increase the profitability of their sawing endeavors with these two options, according to the company:

• A sawyer-referral service to people looking for a local sawing business.

• A demonstration program for Wood-Mizer owners to show their sawmill to individuals who want to see one up close before purchasing their own. The sawmill owner will be awarded credit on his account if the demonstration results in a sale.

“Many sawmill owners and businesses have experienced some tough times in the last few years. Our desire with the launch of the Pro Sawyer Network is to funnel more opportunities for profitability directly to our talented customers who already offer so much to their communities,” Wood-Mizer national sales manager Dave Mann said in a statement.

The formation of the Pro Sawyer Network will also provide a local resource to individuals who want to hire a sawyer to cut their logs into lumber. Currently, Wood-Mizer offers an online request form that can be used to obtain the contact information for a local sawing service. According to Mann, this online tool has been very successful in connecting people to sawyers-for-hire.

Wood-Mizer sawmill owners can apply for membership to the Pro Sawyer Network online at or request a form in the mail by calling 800-553-0182. Membership is free of charge, and some qualifications apply. Members of Wood-Mizer’s previous “Custom Cutting” and “Owner Demonstration Credit” programs are required to reapply if they desire to transition to the Pro Sawyer Network.

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