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WallGoldfinger honored for waste reduction

WallGoldfinger, a corporate furniture manufacturer in Randolph, Vt., recently received the Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

The award honors a wood products waste diversion program started in late 2013.

In 2014 and 2015, the program diverted more than 23,000 pounds of plywood, MDF and veneer scrap from the waste stream to partners around the state, including the non-profit organization Resource, Green Mountain Drums, Vermont Woodworking School and Atlantic Plywood.

“It’s not a ton of extra effort to set aside waste materials, but the benefits measure in the tons. If they’re not already, other businesses could make a similar impact,” WallGoldfinger CEO John Wall said. “We’re very thankful to the governor’s office and the Agency of Natural Resources for recognizing both the impact of our program and its potential on a statewide level. We do hope others can follow this example and pair their ‘waste’ with organizations in need.”

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