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Vortex Tornado shares spotlight at IWF

Giben America’s GS CNC router, winner of a Challengers Award at IWF 2016, features the Tornado 3535 compression spiral bit from Vortex Tools.

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The Tornado 3535 compression spiral is part of Vortex Tool’s Tornado Series of solid carbide router bits that includes upcuts, downcuts and compression spirals in a variety of sizes. The Tornado tool has a four-flute configuration with two roughing edges and two finishing edges.

“Designed with unequal flute spacing, the bits are constructed with larger flutes preceding the roughing edges to allow for rapid material removal, followed closely by the finishing edges, which are slightly higher than the roughers to leave a finished cut on the part,” the company said in a statement.

“With increased feed speeds the Vortex Tornado will provide a clean cut on double-sided materials such as melamine and laminated particle board. With two roughing and two finishing flutes, the Tornado solid carbide rougher/finisher achieves in one pass what previously took two separate tools and two passes to accomplish.”

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