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Trend offers 2014 routing and woodworking catalog

Trend published its 2014 general products catalog, featuring a wide range of cutting tools, diamond sharpening stones, air-circulating face shields, power tools, routing jigs and woodworking accessories.

“While we have penetrated the American market with some of Trend’s signature products, we believe that it is vital that Trend explain our company history and positioning in the market place through our general products catalog,” Trend Machinery international marketing manager Paul Baaily said in a statement.

“Hence, we added a segment on our 60-year company history and we have made a statement on the Trend position in the market place. When the woodworkers understand the long history of innovative product development, our dominant position in the United Kingdom and our commitment to the development of innovative problem solving products and customer service, they will take the time to study all of the products that Trend has to offer.”

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