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Torque and twisting can be a thing of the past

Carter Products introduced the new AccuRight Hollow Roller system for creating hollow vessels and forms.

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The patent-pending system consists of a captive cutting bar tool and lubricant-free roller system, which allows the user to focus entirely on the workpiece without concern for controlling torque or twisting on the cutting tool, according to the company.

The system is adaptable to almost any size and model of lathe. The system is sold as a kit, which includes the Torque Arrestor tool roller, an auxiliary height-adjustable tool rest, the AccuRight 175 quick-lock tool handle and the Hollow Roller boring bar with high-speed steel scraper bit. A stud adaptor specifically engineered for the customer’s lathe and available from Carter Products, is the only other part needed to get started, according to the company.

The AccuRight 175 quick-lock tool handle can also be used with gouges and scrapers. The handle comes with a stock 5/8” collet, but can accommodate any size round bar up to 3/4”.

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