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Techno CNC completes project for bus company

Techno CNC, a manufacturer of CNC routers, recently completed an extra-large – 130” wide, 267” long and 60” high – machine for a corporate bus manufacturer.

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“What the manufacturer is doing is cutting floors for buses and these are really large sheets they need to rout,” says company president Roy Valentine, who did not want to divulge the name of the bus company. “Prior to getting the CNC, they were doing everything by hand. They were drilling it, doing all the layouts and cuts with jigsaws, which took hours and hours of time. Now it’s all been automated with our HD Series machine with an 8’ x 20’ process area. With it, they do an entire deck floor in one cut.”

The enormous CNC machine had to be transported as an oversized load. It features a 4-hp spindle and vacuum T-slot table.

“We did a complete time study on this first before we built it. We basically took their designs, created tool passings, and were able to estimate the exact cycle time for the floor. They did a cost analysis on the labor and time savings, the improved accuracy and repeatability of everything and they were able to justify the cost of it,” Valentine says.

Valentine says his company is currently working on another large custom CNC machine, 10’ x 40’, for a boat builder.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue.

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