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SCM introduces Accord FX CNC machine

The SCM Group drew more than 300 door- and window manufacturers to a recent three-day product demonstration event in Rimini, Italy.

The Technology Days event featured Accord CNC machines, including the new five-axis FX model.

“The new Accord FX range model was developed on the basis of the growing appetite for processing centers shown by artisans and small to medium enterprises,” SCM Group Housing Business Unit manager Gianni Franchini said in a statement. “This is a model designed to deliver maximum performance with the lowest possible investment: a powerful, versatile processing center with an extremely accelerated learning curve, thanks to software programs that are increasingly easier to use and program.

“The Accord 25 FX boasts a high workpiece passage, a reduced footprint, greater ease of loading and uploading, high tool magazine capacity, maximum tool and working unit accessibility, coupled with utmost reliability. We have taken the best of the entire Accord range and have concentrated it in an (easy to use) machine.”

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