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SawStop about to add portable saw

SawStop announced a new job-site saw featuring the company’s exclusive safety device, which will be available for sale in early 2015.

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“When we debuted our first saw over 10 years ago, we knew that the portable SawStop was not only possible, but essential to protecting saw operators,” company president Stephen Gass said in a statement. “I am very proud of our new saw. It’s so much safer than anything else, but also improves the user experience in exciting new ways.”

The portable saw has SawStop’s contact detection technology, which detects contact with skin on the blade, and stops and drops the blade in less than five milliseconds, according to the company.

The saw will also feature a T-style fence and wheeled mobile cart.

The company says the job-site saw will begin arriving in dealer showrooms in March 2015, with a U.S. list price of $1,299.

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