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Rockler offers T-Track Tabletop

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduced the T-Track Tabletop, a melamine-coated work surface featuring a grid of five, built-in T-tracks that fit a variety of different clamping and jig components.

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The intersecting grid of T-tracks makes it quick and easy to set up and secure jigs and clamps. The T-Track Tabletop simplifies the process of securing workpieces of different sizes and shapes, allowing the user to quickly and easily perform multiple functions and tasks, according to the company.

“The T-Track Tabletop adds new dimensions to tabletop applications, whether it be finishing, sawing, routing, or anything requiring a stable setup,” Rockler vice president of marketing Scott Ekman said in a statement. “The universal T-tracks embedded in the table fit a variety of accessories such as clamps and risers to allow secure setups virtually anywhere on the table surface. The applications are endless. We are constantly finding new ways to use this table.”

The T-Track Tabletop is made of melamine-coated MDF with 3mm black edge banding and five extruded aluminum universal T-tracks built into the tabletop — three running horizontally and two running vertically, creating six T-track intersections. The universal T-tracks accept 1/4” and 5/16” T-bolts as well as 1/4” hex bolts. The tabletop measures 40” long x 28” wide x 1-1/8” thick and features a 36” x 24” steel base and included mounting hardware to secure the top to the Rockler Shop Stand (sold separately).

The T-Track Tabletop retails for $229.99. For information, visit

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