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New mini-lathe from General International

General International introduced a new mini-lathe, model 55-010, designed and built specifically for turning pens and other small projects.

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The lathe offers three speeds (1,350, 2,250 and 3,500 rpm) using a simple belt and pulley system. It's equipped with a 1/5-hp, 110-volt, 1.2-amp motor, an extruded aluminum frame, head and tailstock, and offers 4" swing over the bed, 2-1/2" swing over the tool rest and a maximum distance between points of 12".

Both the tool rest and tailstock are equipped with quick-lock ratchet levers. The headstock spindle thread is 3/4" x 16 T.P.I. with a 3/8" through hole to accommodate a large variety of standard after-market accessories, and both the head and tailstock are fitted with a very common MT No. 1 Morse taper, according to General.

The mini-lathe is sold with a 6" tool rest, 2 1/2" face plate, live center, spur center, knockout bar, a see-through lathe guard and a pen-turning mandrel set. It sells for $229.99.

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