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Irwin Tools reshapes the utility knife category

Irwin Tools, a manufacturer of professional hand tools and power tool accessories, has introduced a line of utility knives tailored to the specific needs of tradesmen.

"Visiting job sites and talking with tradesmen has led us to reshape the entire line of Irwin knives," said Bill Craig, the company's director of marketing, in a release. "Drywall installers, roofers, general contractors and flooring specialists demand that their knives fit their hands comfortably and stand up to various harsh conditions on the job site. These new knives deliver tangible advantages for customized applications, as well as unprecedented durability and precision."

Irwin's new ProTouch retractable utility knife (item No. 1774106) feature a quick-change blade mechanism, hinged blade storage for up to 10 blades, rubberized trigger grip and custom-angled shape, according to the company.

Its drywall fixed utility knife (No. 1774103) has a slim nose for greater control, while the trigger grip offers cutting-on-the-pull efficiency and ergonomics. Increased accuracy and productivity - combined with less fatigue - are the results. The all-steel casing features a half-turn thumbscrew for tool-free access to the knife's five-blade storage chamber.

The general contractor utility knife (No. 1774105) has a push-and-slide opening mechanism for access to the five-blade storage chamber, which operates only when the blade is retracted.

Irwin's new carpet knife (No. 1774107) features a steeper-angled handle, keeping hands above the carpet during the cutting stroke. A three-quarter-turn thumbscrew provides access to the knife's five-blade storage compartment, according to the company.

The new Linoleum knife (No. 1774108) features a hardwood handle and curved hook blade.

Irwin has also introduced a four-point snap blade that snaps on the score to create four cutting points, doubling the number of cuts made by standard carbide blades.

The knives range in price from $3.99 to $9.99 and are available at home centers, hardware stores and industrial tool distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada. A 100-pack of the four-point snap blades sells for $14.99. For information, visit

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