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HVLP training for Woodcraft staff

Apollo Sprayers International Inc., in collaboration with Woodcraft, Inc., created an HVLP finishing education course specifically for Woodcraft employees.

“We worked closely with Woodcraft to develop an education program to enable their staff to better understand HVLP techniques, equipment and service. Woodcraft staff are great ambassadors for new technology and this gives them the information and tools they need to demonstrate the technique for their customers,” said Bill Boxer, senior vice president and COO of Apollo, in a release.

“We were proud to be invited to design the half-day instruction program,” added John A. Darroch, Apollo president and CEO. “It offers an overview of finishing technology, HVLP turbines, spray guns and related accessories. Upon satisfactory completion of the program, which is conducted by Apollo staff members, the Woodcraft store and participating staff members receive a course completion certificate.”

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