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Grizzly offers jointers for every occasion

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Grizzly offers jointers for every occasion
Grizzly Industrial's revamped jointer line introduces spiral cutterheads for its 12" and 16" models, handwheels for table adjustment on its 8" jointer, a new 6" cabinet model, and a new 4" bench-top unit.

Larger models

The 12" and 16" Z-Series jointers use spiral cutterheads, with small solid-carbide inserts with four cutting edges.

"Each insert is indexable in four positions, so you can use all four cutting edges," said Grizzly's Bill Crofutt. "There's a small insert mark you use as a reference, so you just rotate it 90 degrees — normally all in the same direction — and you have a new cutting edge."

The spiral cutterhead design provides an additional benefit to the 12" and 16" machines.

"The knife never leaves the wood; it is always cutting," Crofutt said. "So it has a completely unique sound; it's much quieter."

The 16" jointer has four spiral cutterhead knives and a table size of 16-1/2" x 99-1/2", and has been targeted to a particular market, according to Crofutt.

"A lot of the people who work with exotics that are twirly and twisty, and want to use one board to use as a part of a guitar, or things that just have to have a wide planer, they'll use the 16"," he said.

The 12" jointer has three spiral cutterhead knives and a table size of 12-1/2" x 80". Both the 12" and 16" jointers operate on a 3-hp, 220-volt, 17-amp motor. The jointers are available with or without the spiral cutterhead.

The spiral option isn't offered in the 14" machine, which has three cutterhead knives.

Medium and smaller models

Grizzly has added handwheels for infeed and outfeed table adjustment to its 8" jointer. The 65"-long model has a three-knife cutterhead and is powered by a 1-1/2-hp, 220-volt motor.

The Grizzly 6" x 47" jointer is powered by a 1-hp, 110/220-volt motor, and is offered with a choice of handwheels or levers for table adjustment. Crofutt said users of the 6" jointer requested that an improvement be made to the machine which was released a year ago.

"We had the 6" handwheel jointer last year, but people said they wanted a better cabinet. We only offered it with a sheet metal stand that you assembled yourself. This new model has a welded, box-type cabinet.

A 4" bench-top jointer with two high-speed steel cutterhead knives rounds out the line. The unit has a 1/2-hp, 110-volt motor with a cutting depth of 5/64".

The 8", 12" and 16" jointers have a magnetic switch with thermal overload protection, and all jointers operate on single-phase power.

For more information write number 732 on the Reader Service Card in this newspaper, or contact: Grizzly Industrial Inc., P.O. Box 2069, Bellingham, WA 98227. Tel: 800-523-4777.

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