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Grizzly consolidates shipping

Grizzly Industrial is closing its facility in Muncy, Pa., and moving distribution operations to its recently expanded facility in Springfield, Mo., the company said in a statement.

The move will allow Grizzly to consolidate central and East Coast shipping into one facility.

“With continued explosive growth in our internet business, consolidation of our distribution center is essential to keeping up with the trends in the economy,” Grizzly founder and CEO Shiraz Balolia said in a statement. “We have been in the Williamsport area since 1987 and have seen our expenses such as trucking for containers quadruple over the years. Being far from a metropolis adds many expenses that are no longer feasible for a remote location.”

The company said it will transfer some employees to Springfield and maintain its call center in Muncy.

The last day of shipping and retail operations in Muncy will be Oct. 31.

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