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Come raise a barn in Connecticut

Northford Timber Framers, a Connecticut school offering instruction on 19th century timber framing called square rule, will present a special three-day class April 16-18.

Students will participate in the restoration of a four-bent 22' x 40' timber frame barn that will be raised later this year in Bethany, Conn.

"Feeling the need for something different this year and having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for something extra special, we have decided that this year's classroom and school setting will be in an extremely historically significant building, which was originally built in 1810 and has undergone a dismantle and a complete restoration and a rebirth for modern times," says George Senerchia of Northford Timber Framers.

"Students will have the opportunity to see the barn through its completion right through the rafters and roof boards. This is a real opportunity for this year's class to be a part of making a material list, selecting and ordering material, planning a schedule for the summer, which leads up to a timber frame raising."

Tuition is $295. For information, visit

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