Cabinet Pro improves panel optimization feature

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Cabinet Pro has a new panel optimizer in its CAD software. The update produces a more efficient yield and makes use of leftover materials.

“Cabinet Pro’s new optimizer completes a job with efficient use of time and minimal waste, using what was once considered scrap, all of which translates into higher profits and with virtually no extra effort on part of cabinetmaker or shop personnel,” says company president Frank Jimenez.

The company’s software generates a full cut list and the best layout prior to cutting. It will define selected parts as “grain independent” and rotate for the best yield. It also has a “never rotate” function for parts made from MDF, for example.

The software also lets the user view the precise location of every machining operation on an optimized part.

“The specific method of optimization, whether it is for a panel saw or for a CNC router, may be defined per cut list so that one cut list can send parts to a panel saw with optimization along rip lines and cross-cut lines, or to a CNC router where parts are placed wherever they may fit for optimum yield,” the company explained in a statement.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue.

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