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Atlas and Titan join  Techo CNC’s offerings

The Atlas has a single collet spindle.

The Atlas has a single collet spindle.

Techno CNC Systems has introduced the Atlas and Titan router series, available with a 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’ or custom table.

“They’re going to replace a couple of older models that we had. We built some new engineering changes and some advancements into them,” says product manager Roy Valentine.

“They’re both geared to the woodworking market. The Atlas is a single collet spindle machine, while the Titan has more advanced features such as the automatic tool changer and material pop-up pins for easy sheet alignment.”

The Atlas series features a 4-hp HSD high-frequency collet spindle, brushless stepper drive motors, vacuum table with main control gate valve, and hand-held micro stepper controller.

The Titan series has a 12-hp HSD high-frequency automatic tool changer spindle, eight-position tool rack, vacuum T-slot table with main control valve, hand-held controller with a PC-based option, THK linear rails and bearings, and helical rack and pinion with direct drives.

The Titan offers an automatic tool changer.

The Titan offers an automatic tool changer.

“One of the advancements we did on both the Atlas and the Titan is a 7-1/2” gantry clearance. But we also have an 11-1/2” Z-axis stroke so you can actually process that whole height, which works out much better than on our previous systems,” says Valentine.

“The solid steel framework on both series provides a solid foundation for our linear motion drive system and room under the table for vacuum pump placement.”

With a 4’ x 8’ table, the Altas and Titan sell for $23,000 and $37,000, respectively.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue.

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