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Alliance offers lube and coolant products

Alliance Knife Grinding & Moulder Service Inc. of Statesville, N.C., offers two new products under it Alliance Performance brand: Bed Lube and Grinding Coolant.

Bed Lube, used to lubricate metal surfaces, is designed to dry quickly and leave a thin bio-friendly lubricant on bed plate surfaces with no tackiness, according to the company. It will not stain wood products or be adverse to paint, stain or glued surfaces and works well with OEM pump systems. It's available in one-, five- and 55-gallon containers.

The Alliance Performance Grinding Coolant is a universal full synthetic coolant that can be used throughout the shop in any machining or grinding operation. It is formulated for grinding both ferrous and non ferrous materials and is recommended when grinding carbide. The coolant reduces wheel wear and forms a stable dilution in hard or soft water, has no gummy film buildup on machines and does not foam.

"I like that the grinding coolant does not have an offensive odor and that it seems to keep the steel cooler when both roughing and finishing knives. It's what we use in all our grinders," says company president and CEO Jim Stevens.

The grinding coolant is available in one- and five-gallon containers.

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