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AirPro Dust Nut for CNC routers

Nap Gladu, a cutting tool manufacturer, offers the AirPro Dust Nut, featuring a turbine action that creates an updraft at the cutting tool tip, evacuating dust and chips directly into the router’s collection hood before they have a chance to settle on the working surface.

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According to the company, dust is captured and forced up into the dust-containment hood immediately as it is being produced. The process is so effective that up to 100 percent of the dust can be removed during nested or slatwall cutting applications.

“AirPro quickly pays for itself by reducing time spent on cleaning-up between work. It is easy to install simply by replacing your collet nut,” Nap Gladu regional sales manager Dave Otten said in a statement. “AirPro is effective and fast since it works with your existing ER32, ER40 or SYOZ25 collet chucks.”

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