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Rockler offers Straight Edge System

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced the Straight Edge System to rip or rout 8' sheets of stock. Included with the system is a pair of 52" extruded aluminum edges that can be locked end-to-end or used separately to get accurate and cleaner cuts whether using a circular saw, jigsaw or router, according to the company.

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Also included is a power tool guide that locks a saw or router to the straight edges, keeping cuts safer and straighter by eliminating drift and kickback associated with freehand cuts. The all-in-one system also includes two T-track clamps that lock the edges securely in place, a T-fence attachment that turns the system into a T-square, and an adjustable handle that allows the user to move the system from one project to another.

"We've given our customer a better and much safer alternative to snapping a line on 4' x 8' sheet stock and making a freehand rip- or cross-cut," says Jim Frey, product developer for Rockler. "This system comes with two 52" edges that lock end-to-end and are clamped down with the included T-track clamps for a 104" long guide; perfect for 8' rip cuts. Or use just one edge to make a 4' crosscut. Add the locking sled to the equation and the result is accuracy and safety not possible with freehand cuts.

"Many of our customers confirm they're cutting 4' x 8' plywood panels far more easily and accurately than ever before. "The system guide is also very popular because it adds tangible safety and accuracy elements."

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