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Oneida offers benchtop dust collector

Oneida Air Systems introduces the Benchtop DC, a ‘personal’ dust collector that sits on a workbench, for example, and removes airborne dust away from the source.

“This portable unit delivers powerful source collection for hand tools lacking built-in or adequately sized dust ports, and for any activity that puts users in close proximity to dust generation,” the company explained in a statement.

The Benchtop DC sells for $579.

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Oneida adds Dust Deputy Bagger

Oneida Air Systems introduces the newest edition to its Dust Deputy cyclone family, the Dust Deputy Bagger.

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Oneida adds Dust Deputy 2.5

Oneida Air Systems introduces the new Dust Deputy 2.5 cyclone pre-separator, optimized for today’s larger, more powerful vacuums with 2.5” diameter hoses to deliver up to two times the airflow of other cyclone and lid-style separators, according to the company.


ONEIDA AIR SYSTEMS showcases its dust collector

ONEIDA AIR SYSTEMS showcased its 7.5-hp Direct Drive dust collector at IWF 2018.

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Oneida Air unveils new products at IWF

Expanding on its line of Smart Boost dust collectors with variable speed fan motors, Oneida Air Systems introduced a system geared toward small-to-medium-sized CNCs with up to 6” inlets at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta.