Oneida is ready to jump into action

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Oneida Air Systems in Syracuse, N.Y. is offering its design, engineering and 3D modeling through production capabilities to support healthcare and other essential businesses and services at this critical time.

The dust collection manufacturer says it can:

  • Supply portable HEPA air filtration units
  • Supply blower units for negatively pressurizing temporary containment areas
  • Fabricate bed frames
  • Fabricate IV bag holders
  • Supply sheet metal parts for other manufacturers
  • Supply weldments for other manufacturers
  • Assemble electrical subassembly components
  • Laser cut blanks without forming
  • Supply ductwork
  • Print 3D parts/components
  • Fabricate steel components for hospitals or the Army Corp of Engineers

“At this crucial time, it’s imperative that we all pull together and do what we can to support each other – especially our healthcare workers, medical institutions, and other essential goods and service providers. Oneida Air Systems is ready to jump into action and do our part for the greater good,” the company said in a statement.

“If you are connected to an organization with an urgent need that we can fulfill, please contact us immediately at”

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