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Next Wave Automation introduces Ready2Lift

Next Wave Automation debuted the Ready2Lift, a motorized router lift which provides, with the touch of a button, easy and accurate router bit height positions at IWF 2014.

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Ready2Lift users benefit from accuracy within .001 of an inch by simply installing the bit, zeroing it out, and dialing in the desired height. Up to 12 commonly used bit heights can be stored which speeds up production and accuracy, according to the company.

Ready2Lift can also be used and integrated with the Ready2Rout automated fence which was unveiled in late 2013.

“Woodworkers no longer have to deal with the frustration and complexity of different types of joinery jigs. With Ready2Lift and Ready2Rout, they can press a few buttons and begin producing quality box joints, dovetails and many more complex and decorative joints,” Tim Owens, the company’s founder and president, said in a statement. “With a simple touch of the LCD screen, Ready2Lift moves the bit in relation to the table top, while Ready2Rout moves the fence in relation to the bit.”

The product was a finalist for the IWF Challengers Awards.

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