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Letter to the Editor

Cold-calling is explained

Regarding the letter, "Cold calling will only hurt your business," on Page 6 of the December 2009 issue:

I've been a professional salesman since 1967 and cold-calling is a part of doing business. It's a means to make a physical visit to introduce yourself and explain what you do.

The proper procedure is to telephone your prospect and ask for an appointment. Galleries, interior decorators and custom furniture stores are good prospects. Cabinetry prospects include builders, developers and architects.

I have successfully used this same technique selling my woodwork through galleries. I call asking to speak to the person responsible for obtaining goods. I then ask for an appointment or ask if I can send photos of my work or at least suggest they visit my Web site and tell me what they think.

Fred Friar

Lavalette, W.Va.

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