Kiln-drying group announces conference slate


The New England Kiln Drying Association scheduled its annual fall meeting for Nov. 13-14 at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Waterville, Maine.

The meeting will provide valuable information for kiln operators and managers, plus tours of Kennebec Lumber and Hancock Lumber.

Technical program topics include:

• Boiler energy and ash: How to be smart, sound smart and get a raise by looking at the ash pile. Presenter: Bob Rice, University of Maine

• Implementing drying improvements. Presenter: Chuck Sackett, King Forest Industries

• Understanding dehumidification concepts, equipment, methods and procedures to dry lumber. Presenter: Don Lewis, Nyle Corp.

• Use of temperature, relative humidity and EMC when managing lumber drying operations. Presenter: Brian Hughes, Wagner Lumber

• Water quality and boiler performance. Presenter: Tom Hageman, Clarity Water

• Air drying: Free energy but not free drying. Presenter: Peter Garrahan, wood-drying consultant

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