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Festool introduces Airstream charger and battery line

Festool is launching its new Airstream battery technology, which it says will reduce charging times by up to 60 percent.

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The Airstream’s charging system pulls cooled air through the air intakes of the battery pack and channels air flow through the cells and into the charger while heat from both the battery and charger are exhausted to the side. The new chargers can also charge Festool’s existing lithium-ion battery packs, the company said.

Festool is also introducing a new 18-volt battery line with up to 6.2 Ah capacity.

“While many manufacturers are only focusing on bigger battery capacities, which require longer recharge times, we are focusing on greater capacity and reduced charging times” Festool vice president of marketing Leo Zirkler said in a statement.

Festool says the Airstream chargers and batteries will be available Apr. 3.

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