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Companies honored with Sequoia awards

Nine companies won Sequoia New Product Awards at the AWFS fair in Las Vegas for product innovation and leadership in the woodworking industry.

Micro Fence won a Sequoia award for its plunge base and edge guide package.

The Sequoia awards recognize creativity and innovation as well as leadership in green/environmental product development. Entries were evaluated on quality, production impact, practicality, innovation and ease of use.


Biesse America for Viet HP sanding pad

Available on all Viet machines as a longitudinal pad, cross pad, or super-finishing pad, the technology is capable of employing single- or multi-pressure, allowing the pad to deliver a much higher performance when compared to traditional sanding pads, according to the company.

“This patented technology offers the highest precision and quality of sanding along with increased abrasive belt life of up to 30 percent,” says Biesse North American sales manager Mike Johnson.

Contact: Biesse America. Tel: 877-824-3773.

Machinery under $50,000

Graco for ProMix 2KE

The ProMix 2KE is an entry-level system that offers the same on-ratio assurance and advanced reporting system found on more sophisticated systems. This compact, affordable and easy-to-use system is designed for multi-color, two-component spray finishing applications, according to the company.

“Because this entry-level proportioner mixes on demand, it allows users to save time and reduces material waste when compared to mixing by hand. It’s smaller and more affordable, plus it typically pays for itself within months of purchase,” says Graco worldwide marketing manager Blake Erickson.

Contact: Graco Inc. Tel: 612-623-6000.

Oneida Air Systems for Smart Pro dust collector

The collector features the company’s new smart air control technology, a variable-speed controller that can automatically adjust air pressure and air volume depending on the size of the dust port. The controller on the motor regulates constant motor amperage to maximize efficiency. The impeller rpm adjusts in real time based on the resistance that is placed on it, which varies by size and ductwork length, according to the company.

“The Smart Pro dust collector can develop near 1 psi of pressure, 25” of water, which is two to three times the pressure capability of standard dust collectors. As a result, [it] can compensate for poorly designed or undersized dust ports on wood processing equipment.

“For example, panel saws or CNC routers with restricted duct passages and difficult dust ports are no longer a dust collection problem. Tool maintenance and cleanup will be reduced. Cutterheads and saw blades will stay sharp longer because the wood waste will be extracted quicker and more effectively.”

Contact: Oneida Air Systems. Tel: 800-732-4065.

Machinery over $50,000

SCM Group North America for Stefani One Touch

OneTouch is an edgebander interface that guides the operator during programming, providing instructions of what to do rather than how to do it, according to the company.

“The One Touch software enables dynamic program change to avoid machine emptying during production changeover. This reduces downtime and ensures high productivity,” the company says.

Contact: SCM Group North America. Tel: 770-813-8818.

Power tools

Micro Fence for plunge base and edge guide package

The ultimate combination for joinery and detailing work, bringing machine tool precision to woodworking tasks with .001” readouts, according to the company.

“Introduced last summer in a metric version, our plunge base and edge guide package brings remarkable efficiency and repeatability for dadoing, rabbetting, mortising, V-grooving, slotting and veining, drawer construction, flutes and reeds, parallel dado operations, hinge and lock installations, inlays, edge profiling, dentil moldings, sliding dovetails and more.”

Contact: Micro Fence. Tel: 818-683-0330.


Leitz Tooling Systems for the RipTec Cutting System

The Leitz RipTech Cutting System

The system uses micro-serrated carbide knives to eliminate wood grain tear-out, plucking and fuzzing in solid wood caused by normal cutting pressure and common pre-splitting along the grain, according to the company.

“The extremely fine, serrated tips generate very low cutting pressure, which helps preserve the structural integrity of the wood fibers. The resulting micro ridges in the wood are essentially prescored and easily separated from the workpiece with a non-serrated profiled or straight carbide knife. This process yields incredibly smooth finish quality without voids or defects in even the most challenging wood species.”

Contact: Leitz Tooling Systems Inc. Tel: 616-698-7010.


Planit Solutions for stand alone Screen-to-Machine Center

The S2M Center was previously only available to the company’s Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware software users. It is now offered as a stand-alone solution for any CAD user who needs to get individual or multiple DXF drawings from the computer to machinery.

“The S2M Center is the most powerful automated CAM solution in the woodworking industry,” says Planit. “Offering saw optimization, block nesting, TrueShape nesting, as well as output for drill and dowel machines, automated chop saws and haunching machines. S2M Center’s powerful filtering and machine set functionality allows output to an unlimited number of machines simultaneously.”

Contact: Planit Solutions Inc. Tel: 800-280-6932.

Wood coatings

M.L. Campbell for EnviroVar

M.L. Campbell's EnviroVar.

This formaldehyde-free conversion varnish clear was developed using M.L. Campbell’s solvent borne “clean cure” technology.

“This exceptional technology platform provides an acid cure formaldehyde-free amino alkyd post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is both low odor and HAP free, creating a safer and more environmentally friendly work environment,” according to the company. “This self-sealing system applies and sands easily, curing quickly to produce outstanding durability, depth, clarity and aesthetics, and has a smooth touch feel. EnviroVar was specifically formulated to eliminate formaldehyde off-gassing concerns from acid cure coatings on commercial and residential projects and is ideal for kitchen cabinets, commercial millwork, furniture and commercial displays.”

Contact: M.L. Campbell. Tel: 216-515-7784.

Raw materials

Hardwoods Specialty Products for Red Grandis

Red Grandis (Eucalyptus grandis) is a solid wood product suited for high-end applications in residential and commercial furniture, cabinets, moldings, interior design, windows and doors, according to the company.

“Red Grandis is a fast-growing, sustainable hardwood that offers an ecological alternative to tropical hardwoods. Versatile and strong, this beautiful hardwood is plantation grown with a 20-year harvest cycle and is FSC-certified.”

Contact: Hardwood Specialty Products. Tel: 916-381-8440.

This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.

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