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Clunker to Kaeser

By most accounts, the federal government's CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) program, better known as Cash for Clunkers, turned out to be quite successful. In fact, when the CARS program ended sales Aug. 24, nearly 700,000 clunkers were taken off the roads and replaced by vehicles that were more fuel-efficient. The success of the program has prompted Kaeser Compressors to implement a similar deal called "Clunker to Kaeser."

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Under the Kaeser program, owners of inefficient compressors can turn them into the company and receive a rebate of $100 per horsepower - up to $1,000 - toward the purchase of a Kaeser AirCenter or Airtower. Both Airtowers and AirCenters combine a rotary screw compressor, storage tank and dryer in one package unit. Airtowers are available in 4-, 5- and 7-1/2-hp models and deliver up to 28 cfm at pressures from 80-217 psig. AirCenters are available from 3 to 40 hp with maximum working pressures available from 80 to 205 psig.

Any operational air compressor qualifies for the Clunker to Kaeser program.

Contact: Kaeser Compressors, P.O. Box 946, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. Tel: 800-777-7873.

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