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Acme Tools launches new retail Web site

Acme Tools, a national industrial tool distributor, has re-entered Internet retailing to provide customers with the added option of ordering products online.

The company's new Web site,, features the latest e-commerce technologies and more than 10,000 products for the woodworking, building and remodeling industries.

"Acme Tools is once again offering consumers the flexibility, convenience and value of doing business with us online," says Steve Kuhlman, vice president of corporate operations for Acme Tools. "Acme is committed to setting the standards for customer service and shopping experience in the online marketplace for tools and equipment."

Acme Tools has more than 60 years of experience as a major industrial tool distributor. According to the company, it pioneered a national catalog business that led to Acme launching one of the first Internet tool stores. Acme sold the online and catalog sales division in 1999 to Acme Tools has spent the ensuing years expanding its retail locations in Iowa and Minnesota.

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