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Osborne Wood Products, Inc.- Trusted Component Resource

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Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has spent over 40 years supporting cabinet makers, woodworkers, remodelers, interior designers, and hobbyists through the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality component parts. Although Osborne boasts a robust collection of kitchen island and other table legs, Osborne is also the go-to supplier for corbels, inlays, molding, and other decorative wood components. In addition to these offerings, Osborne has expanded opportunities to serve customers by offering custom pieces, kits, metal components, and hardware.

At Osborne Wood Products, Inc., we are committed to partner with you for success by providing superior service and world-class innovation through forward-thinking and a culture of caring. You can and should expect to experience our commitment to quality, excellence, and courtesy in each interaction you have with us, regardless of the size of your order. We look forward to serving you and supplying that distinct component as you build something beautiful!