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Maximum Value, Minimum Training

When it comes to putting the finishing touch on a furniture or casework project, SuperMax Tools offers a wide variety of drum and SuperBrush™ sanders to meet the needs of any woodshop. The company’s comprehensive line of machines tackles thickness sanding, raw wood prep, white wood and sealer sanding, primer and scuff treatment, reclaimed lumber cleaning, wire brushing and more. When it comes to training, these easy-to use-machines come with an extremely low learning curve.

SuperMax Tools’ award-winning open-ended drum sanders come in two configurations and are ideal for both small pro shops and woodworking enthusiasts. The fabled 19-38 Drum Sander is an industry standard and offers 19" of sanding width in a single pass, or 38" in a double pass. SuperMax Tool’s impressive 25-50 Drum Sander is the largest open-ended drum sander on the market and will handle panels up to 25″ wide in a single pass, and up to 50” in a double pass. For shops that routinely work on wide stock, the company offers double drum sanders from 25” to 50” wide, and those machines can greatly reduce the amount of time spent sanding because they can be set up with different grits on the two drums. Open-ended and double drum sanders produce consistent results and do so at a fraction of the cost of wide belt sanders. Plus, some models are mobile enough to transport to the jobsite on large projects.

For woodshops than need to texture, clean or finish sand, the SuperBrush sander is the ultimate solution. This unique machine comes in sizes ranging from 24” to 49” wide, and in either single and/or double brush heads. SuperBrush machines offer infinitely variable brush and conveyor speeds, which allows for endless finish possibilities.

SuperMax Tools offers free sample testing to ensure that their products provide woodworkers with the best fitting machine and brush head for their specific applications. And the company provides an opportunity to expand the scope of projects the shop can complete, while increasing speed and consistency.

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