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Thermofoil and the Cyclone 4896 Deliver the Ultimate Finishing Touch

Finish may be the last attribute applied to a cabinet, but it’s the first that a customer sees and touches. Thermofoil elevates the quality of a finish by offering more durability, lower maintenance, and a range of aesthetic choices that goes far beyond clear coats or paint. Thermofoil stands up better to high use in bathrooms and kitchens, eliminates wear issues such as dents and scratches, and doesn’t need to be periodically renewed or refinished. Unlike solid wood, the MDF substrate in thermofoil doors and panels is very stable. And in this new world of ours, thermofoil is easy to clean, sanitize and keep safe.

Applying thermofoil requires an easy-to-use but powerful press. The Cyclone 4896 from CNC Factory is a mobile vacuum membrane press that delivers exactly that. It has an automated heating, vacuum forming, and cooling process, plus a small footprint so it doesn’t impede the shop’s workflow. Integrated heat sensors deliver accurate and even heating, and the press has automated shell opening and closing. Plus, there’s a full, unobstructed 48” x 96” working table and an easy-to-operate, one-button digital PLC monitor.

The Cyclone has full process area access, so nothing gets in the way of pressing.

The Cyclone has full process area access, so nothing gets in the way of pressing.

The Cyclone 4896 only requires a single operator who can produce over 300 pieces in an 8-hour shift. It can press virtually any 3D shape using PVC sheets, rigid sheets, PS sheets, acrylic, ABS and wood veneers. And its independent, interchangeable heating lamps last about 3,000 hours each and are easy to replace. Caster wheels are available as an optional upgrade, to make the press mobile.

Located in Southern California, CNC Factory designs and manufactures high-quality, precision 5th generation CNC routers and machining centers. The Cyclone 4896 comes with an 18-month parts and components warranty, 2 years machine support, and a 5-year Advanced Exchange Program. Direct factory pricing for the Cyclone 4896 starts at $26,900.



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