Who’s in charge?

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Here we go again. Threats of a government shutdown, plunging stock markets, bickering over totally irrelevant issues while the real business gets pushed to the side.

Neither party seems willing to compromise on even the smallest point. If we want to see the complete breakdown of what we have known as American Democracy, all we need to do is let this continue.

I am not a politician but I can tell you this much. If I were to run my business the way our government is currently being run, it would collapse in a heartbeat.

We need strong leadership whether we are running a business or a government and without it chaos is inevitable.

Someone has to call the shots but that someone has to be competent to do so. Without that, we are in trouble. 

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Who’s right?

It is often said that the customer is always right. Obviously, this is suggesting that the customer should always be accommodated in whatever he or she wants. And, to some extent this is a good policy. It can often lead to a very happy and satisfied customer. But not always.

Who has the buck?

Harry Truman knew it. The guy in charge is responsible. It matters little if it’s an international corporation or a small woodworking shop or a truck out on the road. When something goes awry or fails, the guy in charge has to shoulder the responsibility.


Over the past couple of years, we have been on an economic roller coaster. The stock markets have been bouncing around like a lopsided super ball, record gains one day, record losses the next.

Many hats

They say that if you are a small business owner you must wear many hats. Sometimes I feel like we need to add a dentist’s hat to the list because getting paid can be like pulling teeth.


I have tried to avoid discussing anything political here. This is supposed to be about running a shop. But completely separating business and politics is like separating the cart and the horse.