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The "greenest" idea of them all?

We have been having a lot of discussions about "going green." When I say "we," I don't just mean those of us who connect through WSN or this blog.

The idea of environmental conciseness seems to be finally taking hold on a national and a global level. America should have been a leader in this movement but we find ourselves instead, playing "catch- up." Well, like to saying goes "better late than never.”

Any effort in this direction is a good thing. The problem is that we still seem to be stuck on the idea of "symptomatic treatment" when what we really need are radical conceptual changes. And there is no concept more ripe for change than the idea of a "throw away" growth and consumption based economy.

What was that? Hey wait, you said? I thought we were talking about ecology and all of a sudden you swing over to economic principals? OK, maybe this seems like a whole different subject. But it's not. Stay tuned and later this week I'll explain myself. At least I'll try to explain myself ...


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