It has been said that the most difficult thing is knowing when to stop.

There are times when we see a sports figure make the perfect shot and then, rather than dance and wave their arms in the air, they just drop the ball or bat or club and simply turn and walk away.

In art, the decision to refrain from adding that one more embellishment can mean the difference between a good piece and a perfect one. I had an artist friend who did a self-portrait that at first glance looked like a couple of scribbles and a few blotches of color. But if you looked at if for a bit, his face would suddenly appear within. It was startling and a perfect example of the less is more philosophy.

There are times when we need to know when to stop in our business dealings. If we ask a question, we need to then remain silent and let the other person answer. If there is a pause, we need to resist the temptation to press on or try to clarify or prompt.

It's not easy because the moment can be uncomfortable making it difficult for us to remain silent and wait for the other person to answer. But we can use that time to check to make sure we are in listening mode so we can actually take in the response when it finally arrives!


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The only way to spot a trend is to search for its trail. By looking back, we can often guess the way forward. We can never know definitively where it will lead, but perhaps it’s enough to just enjoy the ride, and perhaps even influence the direction a little.