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Spock's vanity

No, I'm not talking about his pride. Since he has no ego, he can't have any pride either. I'm talking about his bathroom vanity which, since he is a logical being, is one of the few in the universe (outside of Vulcan, that is) that is at a logical height.

I have never been able to understand how the standard height for bathroom sinks came to be fixed at 32”. Now, I am a fairly tall person at 6’ 2” so it might seem that would influence my idea of what a correct height would be for anything. But even for an average height person, 32” is an illogical height for a bathroom sink. If you consider that 90 percent of what a person does at the bathroom sink involves hand and face washing and shaving, a 32”-high cabinet leaves them bent over almost to the waist for most of the time they are at the sink. And since bathroom mirrors do not seem to be constrained by the same rules that are applied to sinks, one must be constantly bending and straightening so that they look like they are doing aerobic exercises.

I can understand that the sink in a kid's bathroom might need to be at such a low elevation. But for bathrooms in the other areas of the house, 36” seems like a much more sensible height. And it is a simple matter to have the kids use a step to make using a higher sink more comfortable for them. After all, they don't stay that short for ever. Personally, I would like my bathroom sink at about 40”. That way I wouldn't have to bend over to do any of the things I typically do at the bathroom sink. Nor would I have to worry so much about splashing water on myself, something that can create a very unfavorable impression since the water usually hits me at just under waist high.


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