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Obsessive compulsive disorder, defined as a person who repeatedly needs to perform certain routines or has difficulty throwing things out. Sound familiar?

No? So what about all that scrap that may come in handy one day? Or that tool that we may get around to fixing one day?

As a shop owner, don't we have to check things repeatedly? What about the daily routines that are essential to running any business? And, while I cannot speak for anyone but myself, there is no way I can get a project out of my mind until it's done and even then, I repeatedly think about how I might have made it better.

So I'm thinking that being OCD might not be the worst thing if one is trying to run a business. We have huge corporations making billions selling drugs to help people overcome being OCD. Maybe if they came up with a drug to make us more OCD, it might be a great boon to American business!


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