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Not helping

When I was in my teens and driving around is a ’56 Chevy, we used to love what were then known as price wars, especially when they were waged by gas stations.

There would be several within a few hundred yards of each other and they would have gas for as low as 19 cents a gallon. That was great for us high school students with minimum-wage, part-time jobs.

But now we have these huge global economy trade wars. We’re not teenagers anymore. We are in business, trying to make a decent living and support families. We need a stable economy. These trade wars are not conducive to a stable economy.

When people are not feeling comfortable about financial issues, they tend to be much more cautious about spending money on things that they simply cannot survive without. They might choke down the price of chicken or lettuce but maybe think they should wait to buy that new dining room table they have been wanting. Not good for us ...

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