Near miss

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We were delivering a huge TV cabinet that was standing up in the back of my pickup truck. Everything was well tied down but the cabinet was tall and heavy so the center of gravity made the truck not so easy to handle.

As we were driving on the freeway, we ended up behind a truck that was loaded with guardrail materials. Suddenly, a chunk of wood, one of the guardrail spacers, fell off the truck.

It bounced on the freeway like a basketball, aimed right at my truck. I thought I was going to have to swerve to avoid it but I was not happy about the idea as I had that big load to deal with.

The fates were with us because the chunk of wood hit a divot and careened off to one side, missing us by several feet. I never had a chance to look back to see if it was headed for anyone else.

It took several hours for my heart to return to its normal rate and I vowed never to attempt anything like that again!

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