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My father's face

My recent post on retiring (or not) produced a fairly high number of replies. It is interesting to note that all of them were from older readers. The youth segment was conspicuously unrepresented.

While this might bear out the theory that we woodworkers are a vanishing or at least endangered species, it could also serve as an illustration of why the older generations are not as respected or as valued as we might like.

Growing older is kind of like watching paint drying. You don't really see it happening. The changes from day to day are unnoticeable. But, one day, you suddenly realize that you are older. For me, it happened as I was shaving and suddenly I saw in the mirror, not the face I was accustomed to seeing, but the face of my father.

Youth and wisdom are rarely seen walking hand in hand or even side by side. As one who now speaks from the other side of the hill, I could share a couple of things with you younger guys that you might find to be of value. In fact, I could fill a book.

But this is a blog post, so I will limit it to one thing. If there is something you really want to do, do it now. Don't wait thinking that you will find time one of these days because time cannot be found. And don't think you will make time either because time cannot be made. The only way to get time is to take time. It goes by faster than we realize and it can be a bit of a rude awakening.


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