Monday, Monday

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Can’t trust that day, the song says. We have all heard about how tough Monday can be. But I can tell you this, Monday morning is absolutely the best time for making or closing sales.

As the week wears on, people start feeling overloaded, trying to keep up with everything and juggling appointments, bill payments, etc. But when they get to work on Monday morning, even if they have not had the most spectacular weekend, they are still ready for work and as fresh as they are going to get.

By the end of the week, they’re out of there. By Friday afternoon, even if they are still at work, you couldn’t pick a worst time to try to make or close a sale. Most likely you will get a ‘why don’t you call me next week?’.

Better to just take a break yourself and wait till Monday.

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I have tried to avoid discussing anything political here. This is supposed to be about running a shop. But completely separating business and politics is like separating the cart and the horse.

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