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Low man on the totem poll

It is said that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. So it is for a business.

Whether you have a small shop with only a few employees or a large company with hundreds, it is important that each person do what is expected.

If one person "drops the ball", someone else is going to have to pick it up. That means time lost and time lost means the job will be off schedule, over budget and/or improperly done. It's a Domino effect and can cost you big time.

Even the lowest paid, least skilled person in a shop has to be depended on to do their job properly. If the person who is supposed to sweep up the floor doesn't do it, everyone else has to work around the mess.

If the one who's supposed to put the tools away puts them in the wrong place, time gets lost looking for things. And forbid asking if anyone knows where it is because that will result in a complete shutdown. They’ll all be wandering around looking for it!


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