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Looked promising

The other day, out shopping, I noticed a large display of LED light bulbs. How fortunate, since several fluorescent tubes in my shop have burned out.

My shop has 20’ ceilings, so it’s kind of a big deal to change a light bulb. I have to borrow a forklift and find someone who either knows how to drive it or isn’t afraid of heights. And every time I have to do it, I start thinking about changing the lighting in my shop.

The thing about these LED bulbs was on the front of the package, in big red letters: "Lasts 20 years.”

Then I start reading the warranty on the back of the package, which says the bulbs are guaranteed for a period of three years from the date of purchase! I couldn’t understand the discrepancy and decided against the purchase.

Please illuminate me if you have any experience with LED lighting and these 20-year claims.


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