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Learn and live

There has been a lot of discussion lately about aging and how difficult it is becoming to bring new energy into the woodworking field.

There is also some indication that remaining active will result in a longer life. The old expression "live and learn" might be more useful if it were reversed. Learn and live.

Studies are showing that we humans fare much better if we continue to expand our horizons, stay on our feet and keep moving.

This might be a good selling point: Become a woodworker and live longer!


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Two aspects to learning

I once heard a supervisor tell an apprentice, “I’ve forgotten more than you’ve learned.” That’s a pretty arrogant and offensive comment to make to a learner. But there is a bit of value in it.


Even when you do it right the very first time, it’s amazing how much you learn about everything that can be wrong.

The great unknown

We plan out our jobs, workflow, schedules … everything we can think of. And then we try to factor in the unexpected with contingency clauses and other exclusions.