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It's 2000 and WHAT?!?

Two thousand eleven! Amazing. It occurred to me that this was not only the start of a new year but of a new decade as well. The first ten years of the new millennium is history. Somehow, I'm just having a bit of difficulty wrapping my brain around that.

It seems like last week we were worrying about the impending and dreaded Y2K disaster that threatened to wipe out all life in the galaxy. Boy did that turn out to be a false alarm. It was like a Monty Python skit. Long drum roll and then … NOTHING HAPPENED!

I don't know if there is any significance to the fact that it is 2011 other than that it is one year closer to 2012 which, according to the teachings of several major religions and several extinct cultures, is the year the world as we know it is supposed to end. I'm staying in the "I hope not" camp on that one.

But if nothing else, it does provide an occasion to say "Happy New Year" to everyone and to wish all the best. And remember, don't get trapped into making New Year’s resolutions. You know the old adage about not making promises you can't keep.


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